I was not to thrilled about having to write about the NFL opening weekend, simply because I do not follow football. The only thing I know about football is, I am a Bears fan. I am not even a Bears fan by choice. If I was not a Bears fan I would not be allowed to live in my house. However, even though I am not an enthusiastic football fan I found the NFL piece NPR did to be exceptional and interesting. 

NPR did an article about Jason Hanson who is the kicker of the Detroit Lions. He is 42 years old and is currently the oldest active NFL player. Not only is he the oldest active player right now, he has also been with the same team longer than anyone else in the league. 

I found it interesting how he openly talks about his age and is not ashamed of it. He jokes about always having a shaved face so no one will see the gray hair in his beard. Hanson admits the pressure is a lot to take sometimes. One bad kick could cost him his career. His coaches however still have the upmost confidence in their player,"But back in the real world of the NFL, the Detroit Lions coaches appear confident that when the game is on the line, the oldest player in the league can still deliver the winning kick."

It is simply incredible that Hanson doesn't let his age effect him. He is playing against and with guys that are half his age. The stress would usually get to a lot of people. The simple fact that his body is not in the same condition as other players who are 20 are in might be a problem. Even though his age might effect how he plays or that he is considered the old guy of the NFL does not effect him. Hanson still continues to try his best everyday and play like he is still 20.

Even though I do not like football or football players, I find Hanson to be someone to admire. He does not let his age defeat him or define him. He always give's 100% and understands the gravity if he makes a single mistake. I believe that his age makes him a better player because he appreciates and understands that if he does not play his best his career could be over. Whereas if someone younger than he is makes a mistake, that individual most likely will still have a career. I have a newfound respect and admiration for Jason Hanson. NPR did a great job of opening my eyes to how great a football player can be. 


09/10/2012 3:30pm

A very good post. I myself am not too fond of football either: just only the big events. Who is the person being quoted in the third paragraph, again?

Kaitlyn Farmer
09/11/2012 9:53am

One of his coaches was being quoted here.

05/28/2013 6:40am

actually he was he is now retired the 2012 NFL season was his last

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